Bathroom Remodeling: Include These Luxurious Features

Bathroom Remodeling: Include These Luxurious Features

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When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you want the end result to be something more than just a cleaner and new version of what you already have. At All Work Construction, we approach bathroom remodeling in Andover, MA, as bringing a sliver of luxury into your home. But what counts as luxurious? That depends on your home and your tastes, but we have some suggestions to help you transform your bathroom into a luxury oasis right in your home.


Are you remodeling your bathroom? Here are some of our favorite ideas for bringing luxury into your home.


Freestanding Bathtub

Carving out the time to take a bath is the height of luxury for some people, especially if you have a busy life with many responsibilities. So when you do find at least half an hour to luxuriate in the bath, you need a luxurious bathtub. Built-in bathtubs don’t quite cut it. Freestanding tubs can be bigger, deeper, and more comfortable than built-in tubs. Opt for a modern basin shape or traditional elegance with a clawfoot tub.


Brass or Black Hardware

Chrome hardware is common in bathrooms. While there’s nothing wrong with chrome, it can feel a little boring or even industrial. If you want a warmer and more traditional look, brass hardware is the perfect choice. You can opt for a bright, polished, shiny finish or an antique finish, depending on your color scheme and aesthetic preferences. If your tastes tend towards the modern and dramatic, however, black hardware makes a statement.


Creative Lighting

Adequate lighting in a bathroom is often a challenge. A single fixture can light the room, but it may not give you enough light at the mirror or in the shower. Adding light around the vanity illuminates your mirror and draws the eye. More mirrors also reflect light, which helps brighten the room if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light. Recessed lights are also a great way to illuminate multiple areas of your bathroom without taking up too much space.


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