Remodeling Ideas for a Functional Kitchen

Remodeling Ideas for a Functional Kitchen

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Remodeling your kitchen is an opportunity to to add all the features to your kitchen that you always wanted. Whether those features are practical changes or stylistic flourishes, our team at All Work Construction will build you the beautiful and functional kitchen you’ve always wanted. From planning and designing to installation and construction, our team will ensure you are happy with the kitchen remodeling process in Andover, MA.


Do you need some kitchen remodeling inspiration? Here are three suggestions to make your kitchen a functional space.


Add a Coffee Bar

Making drinking coffee is a morning ritual nearly two-thirds of Americans participate in, so it deserves a special place in your kitchen. Your coffee maker and accessories can take up a lot of counter space, so why not give them their own spot? As part of your remodel, build a special area with a surface for making and preparing coffee and cabinets or shelves for your mugs, coffee grinder, milk frother, or whatever else you need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.


Build a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks aren’t just for breakfast, but it’s nice to have a seating area in your kitchen. Building it into the corner of your kitchen frees up space and lets you get creative with seating. Built-in benches can also double as storage chests, allowing you to keep kitchen items you only use occasionally handy but without taking up valuable cabinet space.


Countertops That Work for You

Everyone has an opinion about the best countertop material, but it really depends on your budget, preferences, and needs. Many people tout granite countertops as the best choice, but they have drawbacks. As beautiful and durable as granite countertops are, they require regular sealing and can be pretty expensive. Engineered quartz is a good alternative if you want a material that requires very little maintenance and is more budget-friendly.


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Our team at All Work Construction is ready to tackle your kitchen remodeling project in Andover, MA. Whether you’re making a few aesthetic changes or completely redesigning the layout, our team will work with you at every step so you can have a gorgeous and functional kitchen.


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